Invoice Factoring

Factoring Company:
Facts & Figures About Invoice Factoring

Starting or running a business can be a great thing. There are many opportunities for success, but there are also times of difficulty and anxiety. When cash flow is limited, there are options available to you, such as factoring. Put simply, factoring is the practice of selling outstanding invoices to a factoring service company at a modified rate. The factoring company then promptly pays you the money up front. Then it collects on the full invoice. In this way, the business receives money fast to meet its payroll, buy materials, or pay its own bills.


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  • "GMA has a great knowledge base of the finance industry and have provided us with a line of credit that has helped us grow our business and profits substantially. We have 24 hour service and they have been flexible to meet all of my business demands."
    Nick Pipilas
    President, Saint John Capital Corporation.
  • "We shopped around for the best rate and finally settled on GMA. They have more flexible financing options than the other factoring companies we tried. I appreciated their hands on service and same day funding."
    Jeff Vinnly
    Founder, Creative Studios Inc.